Behind the lens

Curious about who we are and why we do what we do? Read more about us and our mission below.


Hi, I'm Emma and I cannot wait to take you on our journey through Africa. We have left our jobs (and our comfort zone) to embark on an epic adventure through Africa in the coming months. This is really a dream come true for me. I love that through this platform, we can share our travels, our story, our experiences with you. 


I fell in love with Africa during my first trip to Rwanda in 2011. It was very different from the stories and images I used to see in the news. It was so green and beautiful, and the people were super friendly. The differences in lifestyle and culture intrigued me and made me curious to learn more. Immediately, I knew I wanted to come back to explore other African countries and stay for longer period.


During my solo travel through Tanzania in 2013, I started taking pictures using the DSLR camera of a good friend. He inspired me to continue with it, so I bought myself a Nikon for my birthday. Since then, I have taken my camera with me on my travels. When we moved to Kenya in 2020 and started going on safaris (which means 'travel' in Swahili), I once again was mesmerized by the beauty of the African landscapes, the colors of the sunset, the authenticity of life and the feeling of freedom. My desire to share my experiences through photography was reignited by our mentor, wildlife photographer Pareet Shah, who encouraged us to share our pictures with a wider audience.


My aim with Vipepeo Visuals is to share a different story of Africa. A more honest story. Not the version that is portrayed by (Western) media of a continent that is plagued by poverty, droughts, and conflicts. Not the version of exclusive safaris in colonial style.  A real story. The one that shows its beauty and its challenges, the diversity of people and landscapes, the untold stories of resilience and adaptation of communities in the face of climate change and the complexity of life here as much as anywhere in this world. 



Thanks for taking the time to get to know us. My name is Jeroen and I would love to show you what we are doing and creating. 


Having worked in financial roles for about 10 years, the urge to open spreadsheets decreased and was replaced with an urge to explore more of the world than I have already been able to do. I have always loved to travel and visit new places. When given the opportunity, I would always try to go on a vacation to a place I hadn't visited before. The last few years, with Emma by my side, I consider myself lucky to be able to do that together. 


Visualization has always been a way in which I tried to convey messages. In my roles as an auditor, emphasizing the important information and now in photography conveying the feelings I get when exploring this beautiful world. After (temporarily?) stopping my work as a financial, I am really excited to see which visuals I can create, whether those are photographs, videos or otherwise. 


I have started to expand my theoretical knowledge on visualization by following a graphic designer course, so hopefully I can put this knowledge to work and keep improving the website and my photos. I also hope with my experience to convey messages and my improved skills visualizing, I can help businesses we encounter on the way in getting their messages across. Feel free to travel through our website and to contact us with any questions or remarks!