Business visuals

In the last three years in Kenya, we have visited many beautiful lodges and campsites. Some of them have a good digital footprint, clear branding, a website that is easy to navigate, professional pictures of their accommodation and up to date information for visitors. As a result, they attract a lot of customers easily. They pop up in online search engines, they exude trustworthiness and professionalism.


However, the majority of the places we visit are invisible online. As a result, these places are missing out on a big part of their potential market and revenue. Having a beautiful location, customer friendliness, clean accommodation or you name it, is not good enough in this digital age. If people cannot find you online, you do not exist. Of course, word of mouth of happy clients is wonderful, but with only that, you will not reach your potential.


What if with a few simple improvements in your digital presence, brand presentation and imagery you can tap into this market?

With Vipepeo Visuals, we want to help accommodations to up their online visual game. Often, the solutions are very simple and easy to maintain. A couple of professional photos and videos already go a long way. Add in a few branding changes and some marketing tricks, et voila!


We like to take our time to get to know the places we visit and the people who own these places. What do you find most important about your lodge or campsite, what is the overall feeling you want your guests to have (a feeling of luxury, relaxation or adventure?) and what sets your lodge apart from others? That is what we want to focus on, whether it is with photographs or videos. 


If you are interested in a digital brand touch up, more professional footage, or complete web design, please feel free to reach out!

Münsterland Guest Farm & Campsite

Just west of Outjo, on the way to the beautiful Skeleton coast in Namibia, lies a hidden gem. Münsterland Farm Guest house and Campsite offers several chalets and campsites. The guest house and campsite are located on the Münsterland farm, owned by the wonderful Weakley family. It is renowned for the wonderful food and the beautiful scenery. The perfect place to stop for a few days when traveling to or from the west coast.

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Aardvark Safari Lodge

Set on the slopes along the Kazinga channel lies the beautiful Aardvark Safari Lodge. With its huge cottages, beautiful open lounge and restaurant and amazing food, it is a wonderful base to explore Queen Elizabeth National Park. There was more than enough to photograph and videograph. 

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Zebra Safari Lodge - Kidepo - Uganda

Zebra Safari Lodge, owned by Kenturegye Lodges (Kenturegye means zebra in the local language), was the first lodge we have photographed and videographed on our roadtrip. Therefore, the lodge will always have a special place in our heart. Tim, the owner, took a chance by hosting us for the arrangement we made and we are happy to have left him satisfied. We were able to meet him after our visit and the 'WOW' when he saw the videos proved to us he believes he made a good choice. 

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Glamping Kenya Lodge Eco Camp

Glamping Kenya is a wonderful lodge, owned by two of the friendliest Belgian people we have ever met. The lodge is very new and there had been very little time to spend on photography. We have taken several pictures to make sure the online presence can do justice to the beautiful lodge. With our pictures, we focused on those things that made Glamping Kenya such a wonderful lodge: their large tents, green courtyard and their attention to details in the tents, not to forget the amazing view of Mount Kenya from all of the tents. 

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