Aardvark Safari Lodge

Published on 28 December 2023 at 17:14

Set on the slopes along the Kazinga channel lies the beautiful Aardvark Safari Lodge. With its huge cottages, beautiful open lounge and restaurant and amazing food, it is a wonderful base to explore Queen Elizabeth National Park. There was more than enough to photograph and videograph. 

Every good lodge has at least one aspect that generates a 'WOW-effect'. One of the first wows that Aardvark creates, are the rooms. They are very spacious, have a lovely bush vibe and have some, but not too much, traditional ornaments. The bathrooms are something else. If we go crazy about something, it is an outdoors shower, and we loved the ones at Aardvark. It was wonderful shooting these photogenic rooms. 

The next thing that is amazing about Aardvark, is the beautiful large lounge and restaurant building. The open space and green all around the lodge enhance the bush vibe and the lighting at night is just something else. The lounge is best enjoyed with a lovely drink, mixed by barista Landus. 

Another great aspect of the lodge is the fact that for spotting animals, it is not necessary to go into the national Park. Water bucks and elephants will visit you at the lodge and you can view the animals from the comfort of your own verandah, the lounge or the restaurant. Of course, either doing a cruise on the Kazinga channel or going into Queen Elizabeth National Park is still highly recommended. 

Whatever you choose to do, the staff at Aardvark Safari Lodge is available to cater to your every need!

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