Münsterland Guest Farm & Campsite

Published on 24 March 2024 at 12:00

Just west of Outjo, on the way to the beautiful Skeleton coast in Namibia, lies a hidden gem. Münsterland Farm Guest house and Campsite offers several chalets and campsites. The guest house and campsite are located on the Münsterland farm, owned by the wonderful Weakley family. It is renowned for the wonderful food and the beautiful scenery. The perfect place to stop for a few days when traveling to or from the west coast.

The chalets comfortably fit a couple or a family with small children. The decorations are very rustic, which we absolutely loved. The beds are comfortable and firm and the view from each chalet is absolutely stunning. We enjoyed a coffee with some rusks on the balcony every morning. 

The food at Münsterland Guest Farm is to die for. The bread is home made by Anita and it is delicious. This was without a doubt one of the places with the best food we had during our trip. Breakfast was delicious and dinner was even better. Danjan's specialty, the braai is something to return for. 

One of the lovely things about being on the farm, is to spend some time with the animals around. Ostriches, donkeys, goats and sheep wander around the farmhouse and in the 'veld', birds can be spotted on the many walking trails that are made. 

The scenic drive through the farm really surprised us. We did not know what to expect from a scenic drive through a private farm, but the views were absolutely stunning. The sun weather did not permit us to take the photos we wanted in the first go, so we happily went several times to get the shots we wanted and we would happily go on the drive again. Besides the views there is a wonderful cave (not just overhanging rocks that are called caves). The deepest chambers of the caves were used by old shamans to perform rituals and at night the wildlife visits the cave. If one is lucky, recent activity might have even left some traces...

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