Glamping Kenya Lodge Eco Camp

Published on 17 October 2023 at 12:15

Glamping Kenya is a wonderful lodge, owned by two of the friendliest Belgian people we have ever met. The lodge is very new and there had been very little time to spend on photography. We have taken several pictures to make sure the online presence can do justice to the beautiful lodge. With our pictures, we focused on those things that made Glamping Kenya such a wonderful lodge: their large tents, green courtyard and their attention to details in the tents, not to forget the amazing view of Mount Kenya from all of the tents. 

Coffee on the porch, looking out on Mt. Kenya

One of the sizeable tents

Glamping Kenya's attention to details with their own toiletries. 

Glamping Kenya is located only 10 minutes from Solio Game Reserve, which makes it a perfect place visit this amazing reserve without spending crazy amounts of money on the lodge inside the reserve. 

Expert TIP: Use the great room service to plan your trip to Solio Game Reserve with a lovely cappuccino. 

Breakfast at Glamping Kenya is something special. It includes wonderful apple pie and an artwork of a fruit salad, along with a wide variety of breakfast options. 

Get an overview of the tents of Glamping Kenya Eco Camp

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