Giants on an aching planet


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If you think about Africa and its animals, one of the first animals that come to mind is the elephant. Their massive size, their tusks and their tough skin with beautiful details make these prehistoric looking animals so majestic. Unfortunately, they are still very much under threat by poaching. Add to this the fact that with increasing human population, their territories get more and more scattered. This leads to many risks of human-wildlife conflict, making extinction a very real threat for the African elephant. 


Having an elephant walking in your direction is something all people hope to experience while on a safari. When we were on an early morning safari in Amboseli National Park, we stopped to look at these two beautiful elephants. They slowly moved our way and walked straight toward us. Amboseli, especially when we were there, was experiencing one of the longest droughts recorded in the area. The strong winds whipped up the sand quite high, leading to an ominous mist. Against this 'misty' backdrop, the elephants give me a scary picture of a dry and dusty world in which animals are slowly disappearing.