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Leopards have always been and probably always will be a special animal for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. We are no different here. Their beautifully rosetted fur, their elusiveness and the sheer power with which they climb trees with their meals, make them some of the most mesmerizing animals. 


If you know their power, their intense gaze becomes only more exhilarating. It seems as if they can look straight into your soul. Looking a leopard straight in the eyes, can bring chills down your spine. 


We spotted this leopard, Olarro, in the Mara Triangle, a very well managed private part of the Masai Mara. He was having lunch in a tree and we were fortunate enough to witness this. After his meal, he licked his paws to remove the victim's blood. Leopards do this, to avoid other predators smelling the blood and being attracted to them. 


During this grooming session, he suddenly stopped and gave us this stare down. We were amazed by the intensity of his gaze and after looking him straight in the eyes, my hands were shaking for several minutes. Fortunately, I was not shaking when taking this picture. 


Olarro was so close, that this picture can be printed in an enormous size. However, have such an intense look so large on your wall, is not for the fainthearted...