Lake Elementaita - Lake Bogoria

The second stop meant a trip to our second lake, Lake Bogoria. Following a bumpy road, we arrived at a beautiful campsite near a small river in the middle of nowhere. This is what we were looking forward to when we were planning this trip! Exploring the wild! 

Just hours earlier, the day began at Lake Elementaita with the sounds of little vervet monkeys playing around our car. We made our way down from our rooftop tent and just sat down and watched them jump, climb, fall down from the bushes and chase each other. We had decided to move to our next stop, Lake Bogoria, even though Kikopey Beach camp was super nice.

Lake Bogoria was another Kenyan lake that has been on our to-do list for years. It is a saline, alkaline lake in a volcanic region. Because of its salinity, the pink lesser flamingos can be found here in huge numbers. We broke up our campsite and made our way to the lounge area to check out and have a quick coffee. They provided a lovely slice of cake, which was more than enough to make it to our first stop. Watch the video of our stay at Lake Elementaita below.

First, we drove to Nakuru. Emma had a meeting there with someone she knew from her prior work. We stopped at Java (a well-known coffee place in Kenya), had a healthy brunch and met George Muturi, the director of MG Innovation Hub in Nakuru. He told us a lot about his work with young people, using his experience as a banker to provide them with business skills training and finance to small and medium enterprises. Because of his desire to focus more on young women as entrepreneurs, he had reached out to Emma to discuss Jeroen went grocery shopping and in the meantime. While Emma visited George’s office space, Jeroen went to get some groceries for Bogoria. We realized that Jeroen has to work on his trust in others, as he was constantly looking whether someone tried to get in the car, saying ‘You can’t see from the outside that we don’t leave our valuables there’. Hopefully he will relax a little in this department in the coming weeks.

After having double-checked the route to Lake Bogoria National Reserve (to avoid getting lost once again!) we were on our way again. The route was very good for most of the trip. When the tarmac ended, our fun began. The route was beautiful and we had many stones and rocks on the way. Fortunately our car can take a stone or two. Google Maps brought us to the correct place this time, and the view of the lake was amazing when we descended down the crater.

The campsite in Lake Bogoria had no facilities, so we had to provide everything ourselves. Luckily, that is what all the weeks of preparations have been for. We really enjoyed cooking our own meal out in the open. It was nothing special, but being all alone in the bush, cooking your own dinner, that is one of the amazing feelings we wanted with this trip.

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