Cleaning and admin time in Mbale

After our great time in Sipi Falls, we were very lucky that Jane wanted to host us again. As we have not planned anything, our time in Mbale is great to find out what to do next. We have heard great things about Kidepo Valley NP, but that is way up north and quite close to South Sudan, so we will use our time in Mbale to do some research. While our camping spot in Sipi Falls was amazingly beautiful, it had one big disadvantage. In was underneath a tree and very soon our car was covered in bird poo, which included very sticky seeds of said tree. Our car is in dire need of some cleaning. Also, we have camped for several days now. We have found that although we are proud that we were able to fit all gear into the car, we have realized that our setup was far from perfect. Time to fix this as well. Lots to do!

First things first, as soon as we arrived at Jane's place, the staff was super helpful in unloading everything from our car. Our room at Jane's is quite big. People who know us however, know that we have no problem in making a huge mess of it in the blink of an eye. To us, everything had a logical place. Emma immediately started rearranging all our camping gear to make sure their places were more logical. 

Jeroen went ahead to give the car its necessary wash. Pius, one of the staff working at Jane's, was very eager to help and together they cleaned the car, inside and out. The ground sheet got a good rub, as wel as the tent's roof. All the bird poo was rubbed off the car and the tree seeds were meticulously removed from the car and the tent. Finally the inside of the tent got a nice clean and at the end, the car looked and smelled like new. Let's see how long that lasts. 

While we left things to dry, we went to our favorite coffee place in Uganda, Endiro. Here we could buy some internet to do our research. Kidepo sounds nice, but the road there takes us two days and the parks and lodges are quite expensive. Time for Jeroen to try his sales pitch. As can be seen on our Business visuals page, we love to take pictures for lodges in return for discounts. This way, we can help the lodges with their online visibility and they can help us enjoying beautiful parts of Africa without wildly going over budget. As Jeroen looks up some lodges in Kidepo and other parts of Uganda to discuss this service, Emma works on editing videos. Only one way to find out if there might be any interest in the services here in Uganda. We decide to contact one lodge in Kidepo and another lodge that might help us do another activity we have been looking forward to for a long time Let's see if there is any interest...

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