A natural spa in northern Zambia

When we got stuck in Kasama, we were on our way to a much nicer spot, the Kapishya Hot Springs. Many people we know who are overlanding and have to cross northern Zambia, stay here for a day or two. We also planned to have one night here. Stories about the campsite were mixed, so we were very curious to both the campsite and the hot springs. 

This turned out to be the perfect spot after our car troubles in Kasama. The Kapishya Hot Springs are a natural source of heated water. The water is at a constant temperature of around 40°C. The hot springs were an absolute bliss. The water was at the perfect temperature to enjoy and do nothing. We had planned to camp here for just one night, but decided to add an extra night almost immediately after entering the hot springs for the first time. 

Besides the hot springs, there was not a lot to do, which was perfect. The day we arrived we went into the hot springs, made dinner (and washed up) and went into the hot springs again at night. At night, the hot springs were even better than in the afternoon. The springs were lighted and the way the steam refracted the light, made it look very ominous and beautiful. What a wonderful place. 

The next morning, we decided to do some laundry. As we had run out of clean underwear, we were in dire need of some cleaning. Emma did the laundry, as Jeroen set up his drying line again and went back and forth to hang up the clean clothes. Team work at its best again. Afterwards, we went back into the hot springs, ate some dinner and went back into the hot springs again. This type of having camping and going through the day as only activity is what makes the camping part of our trip so lovely. We love just hanging around, doing some small chores and enjoying spending the time together. We decide to stop going to the uninspiring hotels/motels whenever we can and go for campsites as much as possible. 

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