Getting back on our feet

We had a nice rest at Rusco farm and were ready to leave. We had had a real adventure in Zambia, but the car troubles, bad roads, and unfriendly people negatively impacted our opinion unfortunately. We packed our car and were ready to leave, but not before we met our hosts. They invited us for a cup of coffee, since the regulator of our gas cannister broke and we were not able to brew coffee ourselves (or make our normal pancake breakfast).

We had planned to leave after a small chat, but that chat turned out to be over 1,5 hours. Rob and Claire, our hosts, were so friendly and welcoming and we loved talking with them. They told us about their holiday travels and about their farm, and the surrounding land that has some birding trails and they had several lovely dogs and cats. After having spent some time with them, we decided to stay an extra night. The alternative was to go to Livingstone, where we would not have the nature around us like here and it being a Sunday, a lot of shops would be closed. Rob and Claire had a cottage available as well, and since we really liked to sleep in a real bed again for a night, we chose that. This also solved our gas problem, as the cottage had a fully equipped kitchen.

We did not have fresh food to cook, however, and Rob and Claire did their absolute best to accommodate us. They called their neighbour Mandy (10 Km down the road) who makes precooked meals and offered to cook for us in the evening and dine with us. 

We went to pick up the meal we had ordered, but on the way we kept hearing weird noises and smelling new smells. We stopped to check, but did not know the origins. When we arrived, Mandy offered us a drink and we had a lovely chat. The chat took longer than expected and she offered to just have the lunch at her place. In the evening, we had a delicious braai dinner with Rob and Claire. Their food was amazing and their company even better. We had definitely met much nicer people here than in northern Zambia.

Our time at the farm was absolutely lovely. We completely relaxed and forgot about the things that had happened earlier. After some time it is easier to look back and laugh at the tougher times. We were super proud of the epic trip we are doing, loved the amazing moments we have experienced and we embraced the times we struggled in Zambia. They are what makes this trip so epic for us. Rob and Claire, their beautiful farm and their lovely animals surely helped a lot in processing everything.

We walked around the farmland, enjoyed time with the animals, had interesting chats with Rob and Claire and in the meantime even we could do our laundry (the last time we did a proper laundry session was in Kigali). We spent an extra night and picked up some extra food at Mandy's again. We had absolutely no worries (except for the noises and lights of the car, but we decided that we would have those checked at our next stop). After 3 nights our outlook on Zambia was very different and we were fully energized to be on the road again for our next adventure.

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