Back to the Weakleys!

When we left the Munsterland Farm, we already felt homesick. The Weakleys had been amazingly friendly and the food we had there was some of the best we had during our entire trip. To be exact, for us the food even deserved to be in first place, but sharing that honor with the food made by Ronald, from the Aardvark lodge in Uganda. We would have really loved to come back there, and apparently they felt the same. They would wanted to use our photography and videography service, and we were happy to do so. 

Returning to the Munsterland Farm felt like coming home. Danjan and Anita were as friendly as before and welcomed us with open arms. They were so wonderful, that we really felt the pressure to provide them with everything they needed, and more. Unfortunately, the weather tried to test us. Mostly during the times we wanted the sun (sunrise and sunset) it seemed shy and hiding behind the clouds on most days. When we wanted it to be a bit more cloudy, during the hottest and brightest of day, all clouds had disappeared again. We did our best, with what we had, and every opportunity we took with both hands. 

We went on the scenic drive 3 times, hoping to see animals along the way and to be able to photograph the viewpoints with either sunrise or sunset. The third time was a charm, as it provided us with more than we could handle. The sunset was beautiful, and suddenly the wind picked up. Behind us, a huge and beautiful double rainbow came out, meaning one thing. Within 5 seconds rain came pouring down. We quickly took some (in our opinion) crazy pictures and we quickly went back in the car. 

We photographed and videographed every activity available, we had the most amazing food again and we just enjoyed our time in general. Dinners with the Weakleys were lovely as they were the first time, and on the second to last evening, we went on the so-called scorpion hunt. Apparently, scorpions are fluorescent, meaning they glow under a blacklight. We walked to our chalet with Danjan and Anita and one of them carried the blacklight. In the pitch black of  night, we could see the purple light and suddenly a bright blue-ish green light appears. It was very nice to see the beauty of these animals at night, and also a bit scary to know that they could be just beside your feet when you walk home in the dark. 

After several long days of shooting and editing, we were able to finalize the photos and video on the last evening! Anxiously we showed the Weakleys our final product, hoping they would appreciate the footage. Fortunately, they did and we transferred everything before we left. We are definitely getting better and faster, because this was the first time we were able to leave and not have anything left to do! With a tear in our eyes, we left the Weakleys again, but we do believe it was not for the last time. To watch the pictures and videos, click on the buttons below.

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