Leaving the beauty of Namibia

After our grande finale at Okonjima, it was time to exit Namibia again. We did not want to leave this beautiful country, but it was time for the next step. We had to drive over 1,000 kilometers back north, to the same border post we used to enter Namibia. 

Our first stop was Roy's Rest camp again. They remembered us when we arrived and we had our last braai in Namibia. We enjoyed the pool and we reminisced about last time we were there (6 weeks earlier), the plans we had back then and everything we had done in between. It was as nice as we remembered it to be. We went to bed early for a long drive ahead. 

After Roy's we went back to Mbezi camp. Not very adventurous, but we enjoyed having the same stopovers as when we entered Namibia. Plus, we knew the road and we knew that this was very doable, despite it being over 600 kilometers. What made it slightly difficult, however, was the temperature gauge. When we were in Zambia, after the debacle in Kasama, the gauge wiring was loose and around Kabwe the gauge went all the way down, not showing the engine temperature. In Kabwe they fixed it, and we were extremely happy they did. All the time in Namibia, in the desert, we needed that gauge. Without that gauge showing us the actual temperature, we would not have made it this far, let alone back to Nairobi. It would have definitely caused overheating at some point. 

On the way back north, after the blissful day, the gauge occasionally went down, then back up to normal. This started happening more often, until it completely went down again. The bumping on all the corrugated roads must have loosened the wiring again. We felt so lucky, again, that it only happened after we had left the desert, with almost only tarmac roads ahead of us for now. The gauge worked perfectly when we needed it, and stopped working when it was less needed. During our trip north, sometimes it would come back up, stop half way, stay there for some time and then go back down. It felt as if it woke up from time to time, to check up, see it was still doing fine and then go back to sleep. Without any problems we arrived back at Mbezi camp for our last night in Namibia. 

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