Our new motto is ‘We deserve this’. We are very used to the need of making ourselves useful. Trying not to feel bad that we are traveling, while most of the world is working, does not come easy for us. We constantly feel like we should be ‘making ourselves more useful’. We therefore try to tell ourselves that we have earned this trip after some years of hard work and stress. The same goes for some nights in a hotel. We chose to stay at Boma Inn in Eldoret for a few nights to use the electricity and the internet to process some of the videos and blogs, telling ourselves it is ok to enjoy some comfort from time to time. Furthermore, we make use of the gym to get a proper workout in and we use the sun to charge our solar panel 'Sparky' (derived from the brand of the solar panel, Spark. Since it is best to not put Sparky flat on the ground (or any flat surface) we brought our laptop stand to make sure he gets the best angle for some sunlight. 

We spent day 4 with Everlyne, a former colleague and friend of Emma, who ownes a Black Soldier Fly farm that Emma was involved in setting up. It was lovely to see the powerful woman who faces all odds, including Kenyan political shenanigans, to make a business for herself. It was also lovely (for Jeroen) to see Emma talk ‘business’ with Everlyne. Business in Kenya is not easy nor straightforward and it was sad, to hear about the struggles she faces. People are making her business as difficult as possible, so they can benefit from that by ‘helping her to fix her problems’. Emma can relate after running a company in Kenya for three years as well.

On day 5, we spent our time mostly going through our videos and photos and writing some of the blogs. Other than that, it was a lazy day. We deserved this.

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