Eldoret - Kakamega Forest

After a few days chilling in Eldoret, it was time to move on. Our next stop was Kakamega Forest. This is the only remaining primary rainforest in Kenya. The forest used to be part of a massive rainforest that stretched from the west site of Africa all the way to what we now call Kenya. We parked our car at the KWS campsite and went into the forest with our guide. We quickly learned why this is called a RAINforest. Within 10 minutes, the rain started pouring on our heads. We know rain from the Netherlands, but Kenyan rains can be something else, feeling like all the water in the world is pouring down on you at once. The rains slowly turned into hail, as we ventured deeper and deeper into the forest. The weather didn’t bother us too much. We actually loved the fact that we were walking in a tropical storm. We were more concerned about setting up camp in the rain, once we would arrive at our car.

Fortunately, the weather was good to us. Before we reached our turning point in the walk, the skies cleared and our quick-dry clothing did their work. Most clothes were (almost) dry when we arrived at the car. We quickly set up camp and just as we put the last nail in the ground, holding the awning in its place, the rain started pouring again. Either we were really lucky, or we are just very good at collecting karma points. In the meantime, while we were listening to Radio Rijnmond to hear how Feyenoord lost to FC Twente, it was lovely to watch the monkeys play around the campsite. Kakamega forest has three types of monkeys (colobus monkey, blue monkey and red-tailed monkey), and all of them were jumping across the trees around our camp, which was surrounded by trees in every direction.

After having caught our breath from the walk and setting up camp, it was time to cook our dinner. Again, it was not a Michelin-star meal, but we are proud of how we were able to make something tasty from relatively limited supplies. The rain around us really gave something extra to this dinner. After dinner, when strangely the rain had stopped again for a few minutes, we quickly washed our dishes, cleaned up and made our way to the tent. Again, it started raining once we were settled in our tent with our Sudoku puzzles (our night time activity). We are definitely tarting to believe less in luck and more in karma points. With the only noises being from the monkeys and the rain around us, we fell into a peaceful sleep.

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